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Gem MooreHi, I’m Gem Moore, PhD, and I love what I do! I love to make a difference and I love to see both the quick, short-term changes and the long-term permanent changes that counseling provides.

What could be more rewarding!

I’ve been a professional counselor for 30 years and I have my Doctor’s degree from Florida Institute of Psychology.

Questioning yourself is sometimes sparked by a personal, business, or health crisis. Old values are brought sharply into focus in the face of the current upheaval, and strengths heretofore unused or unknown need to be energized in coping with the new circumstance.

It is an opportunity to re-fashion and restructure personal values in a unique manner to fit the new situation. It is a process of synthesizing the best of the past with new found strengths and attitudes housed within you.

Sometimes it takes delving into the layers of taught parental rules and synthesizing of cultural attitudes to find the essence of who you are now. It’s like altering or re-fashioning new clothes to fit the new emergence of your own uniqueness.

Design a new you to meet the challenges of the day! This is the “work” (actually play) that you need to focus on.

A large part of my success can be traced to the fact that I use the latest therapy techniques and I care deeply about each person I see. Your success in dealing with your challenges is always on my mind. I thrive on seeing you happy again.

Design a New You!

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